Thursday, July 30, 2009

49 days and counting...

I haven't had a period in 49 days. That's weird. I never thought that I would ever really want to get my period. Especially since I'm trying to get pregnant!! But, it sure would be nice for old Aunt Flo to visit, so my little ovaries can send that egg down the chute, and...well, you know the rest.

No one told me I might deal with this after getting off the pill. Makes me wonder what other things no one has told me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Test

I'm one month into this whole "trying" thing, and I've already taken a pregnancy test. This could get expensive. Not to be too graphic, but I haven't had a period in 42 days. And counting. That's not a bad thing...I am trying to get pregnant! But seriously, 42 days?

So, James and I decided we would get a pregnancy test at the grocery store. This decision in and of itself was, well, strange. First of all, I had no idea where the pregnancy tests were located in the store. By the condoms and yeast infection medicine, of course. Once we found them, we stood there for 10 minutes trying to figure out which one to get. E.P.T, First Response, Clear Blue Easy....???? Is this one of those times in my life where brand name is important, or can I indulge in my frugality and go with store-brand? One test or two? We decided on a pack of two tests, store brand. The whole time I was at the store I kept trying to hide it in my cart. What if I ran into someone I knew?

When we got home, I read the directions. I always thought you took a pregnancy test with your first morning pee. I have no idea why I thought that, but I did. So when the directions said you could take it any time of day, we decided to go ahead and do it then. I wanted James to be there when I took it, in case it came back positive. How sad would that be if I took the test without him, and had no one to share the good news with?!

We got out a watch and I peed on the stick. Then we stood around for two minutes kind of shuffling and giggling, like a couple of middle schoolers. It was negative.

At this point, I wasn't devastated or surprised. I was a bit relieved, since I'd had more than my fair share of beers and margaritas while my brother was in town. I would have been shocked it it came out positive...shocked, but happy.

So now, the waiting game. I wait to get my period, so I can know how long my cycle is, so I can know when I am ovulating, so I can know when to have sex. Or, I can just relax and have sex with my sweet hubby. Think I'll go that route for now...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Crafting my brains out...

Happy Birthday, America! In celebration of your birthday, I have been sewing. Uhh, really, the sewing is in celebration of a couple of days off. Sorry.

First up, a skirt. My very first skirt. Now that I know how simple they are to make, I'm sure it won't be my last. Lucky for me, I can make a skirt out of less than a yard of fabric. I purchased this fabric for about $5 a yard, so that skirt cost me maybe three bucks. And no one else has one like it! Yippee!!

Next project: pillows for my patio set. The set actually came with pillows, they just happened to be horribly ugly. So, I convinced my husband to go to Joann fabrics with me to pick out some new fabric for the pillows. Joann had their outdoor fabric on sale last week for 50% off, but I didn't buy any then because I wanted James' opinion, or rather, his blessing. He happens to have a very good eye for design, so I take advantage of it when I can. Plus, he uses the patio furniture, too, so he shouldn't absolutely loathe the fabric that's on the pillows, right? Anyway, we get there today and the damn fabric isn't on sale anymore. I don't care. I justify buying it full price ($16 a yard) by reminding myself that if I were to buy pre-made pillows, I would pay three times that. So, what does any self-respecting cheapo do? I deconstruct the original pillows, reusing the piping and stuffing to make the gorgeous and fun new pillows!

My last project was totally unplanned, but brilliant. We were perusing the Pottery Barn this afternoon, and I happened upon a bright, floral pillow cover, on sale for $3. Well, anything that the Pottery Barn is selling for three bucks must be purchased out of principle, right? When I get to the counter to pay for it, turns out it isn't a pillow cover at's a placemat! was actually $1.97! Hell yeah! I took that sucker home and promptly deconstructed it (this girl would never dispose of fabric). The placemat became a pillow cover! Gorgeousness! I can't wait to enjoy margaritas on my patio with my lovely new pillows.