Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's been one year. No baby yet. The end.

It really IS that simple. We have officially hit the one year mark. No pregnancy. Yet, the whole thing is actually complicated. Who knew? You stop taking birth control, you get pregnant, you have a baby...that's what I thought would happen. A full year later, we're at the exact same spot as we were one year ago. Seriously?

I recently decided to get back into yoga. It's something I love and the best workout for me, personally. I had been putting it off because why worry about getting in good shape if I'm going to get pregnant any day now? A year later and I. Am. Fat. My mother-in-law likes to say that a woman needs some meat on her bones to carry a baby. Well that's not the issue here, clearly. I'm secretly hoping that the yoga will work some kind of magic in my body. Right the wrong, fix the broken, heal the wounded. Overly dramatic? Perhaps. But if all I get out of it is a flat stomach, will it be worth it? Definitely.


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