Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A disagreement

It wasn't even so much as a disagreement, more like a surprising difference of opinion between two people who generally agree on everything.

James and I were having our daily download--you know, when you and your mate go through all the ridiculous things everyone else said or did that day and remind each other that you are surely the only normal people alive--when the topic of finding out the sex of a baby came up. (Hey, everyone we know is either pregnant right now, just had a baby like, this week, or already has kids, so these things come up.) So, I mention that I think it's really cool when people choose to NOT find out the sex until birth. James looks at me and says, "You wouldn't want to know what you're having?" Uh oh. Discord. This is so rare, what do I do? How can he not be in complete agreement with me? So, I revert back to my days of debate club (don't laugh) and start in on him. "Tell me why you think you need to know the sex?" and "They have unisex baby stuff, you know." and "It would be the most awesome surprise ever!" and "Think about HOW MUCH MORE AMAZING AND EXCITING the birth would be?!"

And he agreed.

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