Monday, August 15, 2011


James and I enjoyed a little vacation in our own city recently. About a year ago, at a silent auction, we bid on a nights stay at the Hotel Saint Cecilia, and we won it. The Hotel Saint Cecilia is a very hip, very expensive boutique hotel just off South Congress Avenue. I decided to take the day off on Monday, and we booked our stay for Sunday night. Let me tell you, everything about this hotel is

We checked in on Sunday around 1pm, and promptly took the bikes provided by the property down to South Congress for lunch. Yes, the hotel has bikes available for the guests to use. Cool! Then we hit the pool, which was like something out of a magazine. There's a giant neon sign overlooking the pool that reads "SOUL." Again, cool. Our room had a view of downtown Austin, which we enjoyed after dinner. All the items in the mini bar, while prohibitively expensive, were totally obscure gourmet items. They even had a bathroom mini bar, with things like Kiehls lipbalm, a fancy mens shaving kit with a brush and a gold toothbrush. Again, they were wildly expensive, but still cool. I did take the shampoo and lotion that was provided, because it smelled delicious and I had never heard of the brand before. And the bed, oh the bed! It's a Hastens bed, retail: $5000. It was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. The grounds of the hotel are immaculate, as is the service. And the decor of our room was what I would call modern global. And totally cool. James and I have promised each other we will return to the Hotel Saint Cecilia once a year, just because it was so. damn. cool.

And can I just say that I highly recommend taking a random day off work and just playing? James and I woke up on Monday, and we biked down to the South Congress Cafe for breakfast. Breakfast is great any day of the week, but breakfast at a nice restaurant when you should be sitting at your desk was so much more fun. We bummed around town just the two of us, with no schedule, knowing that soon we would be three, and a schedule would be of the utmost importance. It was so much fun. And I was reminded that while I absolutely love my husband, I actually really like him, too.

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