Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here. We. Go.

Exactly one year and nine months ago, I stopped taking birth control and embarked on the journey of trying to make a baby. That seems like so long ago. But today, it's official: I'm pregnant!

I've had a hunch that that something was up for about a week or so. My breasts have been beyond sore, and I am so incredibly thirsty. So, we waited until after our company left, and took a test. Two lines, baby! James and I were laugh-crying. And then we went to Walgreens for another pregnancy test, just to be sure. High fives all around!

The timing of all this is pretty extraordinary. We've been trying for almost two years. I've charted my temperature, taken ovulation predictor tests, not charted and tried to forget, and on and on. I actually had a doctors appointment scheduled for next week to discuss our next step. We've been pretty adamant that we were not interested in fertility drugs. But I needed to know what the root of the problem was. I was starting to prepare myself for the fact that maybe we just couldn't have kids.

I don't know how far along I am. I'm pretty curious, since my periods have been irregular, and I thought I just had one about a week and a half ago. Guess not! All I know is that I welcome whatever this pregnancy is going to throw at me. In the words of the UFC...Here! We! Go!

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