Saturday, March 19, 2011

It all comes back to shoes.

This morning sickness is driving me crazy. It's so...exact. I wake up, feel like crap. I eat some breakfast and feel better. And then from 9am until 10:30, I feel horrible. Absolutely horrible. I'm not actually vomiting, thank God, but boy do I want to. Then I feel pretty good for the rest of the day, for the most part. I'm wanting salty foods, no sweets. Cheese...oh man, I could eat cheese all day long.

James and I have been throwing some names around. We're pretty set on a boy name, but girl names are another story! I have a list of at least eight names we like. It's the middle names that make this whole process so hard. And let's be honest, Dvorscak isn't the easiest last name to flow with. Hopefully we can narrow it down to two really good girls names.

However, with all this feeling like crap, it's nice to know that with this pregnancy, my feet will finally grow a half size. Do you KNOW how much easier it will be for me to find shoes in a size five and a HALF? That's what I call a silver lining, people. Bless this child!

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